Friday, February 19, 2016

Nation Spotlight: Sytheros


The lands of north western Sytheria had long held a more martial and insular people, especially within a small sect of political dissidents known as the Fangs of Shamshas. This sect believed that the normal Ophiduan tactic to wait for the younger races to destroy themselves was a mistake, and that Sytheria should be increasing their armies and reclaiming their lands by force.

This sect entered torpor as the tensions that would become the war had only begun to rise. They decided on a torpor of 5 decades, and fell into a psionic slumber. When they awoke, they were horrified to see a world in chaos, with millions of Ophiduans killed from the fallout of the "Human war". The Sytherian council had consolidated their position over most of the remnant of their lands, but the Fangs of Shamshas were able to wrest control of the northern portion of their lands, tapping into a disaffected populace, angry over their races near extinction.

The new nation of Sytheros


Whilst in many ways similar to their sister nation of Sytheria, Sytheros does have some important differences. Their is no council of elders, but rather it is ruled by the Twin Fangs. These are 2 psionic, albino twin Ophiduans, Shess-kolass and Esh-tassa. They are egg-mates, hatched from the same single egg, and they claim that the natural order is for Ophiduans to rule the entire continent once again. Their rule is unquestioned, and Esh-tassa has broken with tradition, keeping her own egg from her recent breeding, intending to raise the offspring herself to rule the nation one day.

The ruling class consists of members of the Fangs of Shamshas, as the sect seized control over a disaffected populace searching for guidance. The Fangs are claimed to be equal, but actually have a strict hierarchy based on the trust of their superiors in the Sect. Those that show ruthlessness and dogmatic conformity are openly courted to join the organisation. To be a Fang is both prestigious and dangerous, as many liken it to a den of vipers all watching one another for a chance to strike.

Outsiders of other races are allowed into the borders, but they are never made fully welcome. It is not unheard of for merchants to have their stores closed and goods confiscated for somewhat dubious reasons, or for a member of the Fangs of Shamshas to openly proselytise in the streets for the Ophiduans to rise up in an event called "The Wave", an allusion to wiping humanity off the map, much like the tidal wave that killed so many Ophiduans 2 centuries ago.

Sytherosi are more distrustful of outsiders than Sytherians in general, and they see their southern neighbours as misguided. However, the two nations are closely allied, as they are the only Ophiduan nations of any size left in the known world.

Language and Names.

The main language of Sytheros is Sissthassian, and their naming conventions are identical to neighbouring Sytheria. Their names have started to take a more aggressive form of description when translated literally into other languages.

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