Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nation Spotlight: Nove


Nove was always known as the Unbroken Duchy throughout its existence. This title came from the fact that it always successfully repelled incursions from the Astorina Imperium to the west, as well as the Caliphate of Bax to the south. Novans were always fiercely loyal to their Dukes and Duchesses, and considered the borders of their own duchy, as well as the other duchies, to be sacred.

Nove has never been a highly populated or prosperous Duchy, but it had formidable armies due to a mandatory conscription period for every citizen. Each citizen must enter their term of service between 16 and 25, and for a period of 3 years service, though these years need not necessarily be contiguous. In this way, Nove fields a well trained army greater than the size of their populace dictates, and in times of need, can call upon all citizens to defend their borders as needed. Though most return to their former lives, a significant portion remain in the army.

The war changed many things, wiping some Duchies from the map entirely. Nove's borders remain as they always have, but to say this nation was not changed would not be correct. Nove was deeply commited to the war, but only to the point of defending their borders and ensuring the continuing independence of the Duchies against the Imperium, Bax, and Zynos. When the comet struck, much of their standing army was vaporised instantly, and other forces were destroyed in the blast wave.

Today, Nove is like a time capsule to the past. They cling fervently to their old ways, and they speak of the world as if the changes are temporary, and that the true Duchies will rise once again. But the world has moved on, and though they still defend their borders, they have finally met an enemy that is slowly taking their southern territories from them... the expanding deserts of the Wastes.


After splitting from the imperium, the Novans embraced Aexen culture like the other duchies, and the concept of family and community is best shown in Nove. Poverty is less of a problem, as most Novans are unwilling to let a neighbour live in squalor and destitution if they have the power to help. Personal responsibility exists, but is applied as a sense of personal responsibility to ones family, community and nation.

Novans are a somewhat insular and wary people when it comes to foreigners, as they are wary of spies and of simply losing what little remains to them. However, should foreigners, even those of other races, manage to become a valued member of the community, they are embraced wholeheartedly as Novans, including the requirement to military service.

Clothing styles in Nove are of simple Aexen design, with men wearing darker colours and women tending towards pastels. However, these clothes are generally simple knee length dresses, or tunic and long pant combinations with little ostentation.

Language and names:

Nove has long embraces its traditional Aexen roots. Though imperial language is common, the main language is Aexen, as are most of the names.

Male names: Corid, Danior, Emberi, Fiori,  Isaari, Josifi, Liburin, Nostin, Osfiri, Petriop, Quelo, Umbare, Zeemod.

Female names: Aride, Benthian, Destara, Ferlarla, Giniarn, Herdione, Imnoe, Jennirafe, Raquine, Semniara, Xinifare.

Last names: Barnats, Bernit, Damtert, Fostar, Gernats, Gilbans, Herots, Haman, Karmons, Mottuns, Nerbents, Niven, Nomods, Rogars, Tomans, Virans.

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