Thursday, February 4, 2016

Nation Spotlight: Republic of Mynar


The Republic of Mynar began under strange circumstances. When the southern lands of Zynos were deemed a burden on the rest of the Potentate, the ruler of the time, Hynyxys, declared them no longer part of the nation, and withdrew all military and officials from the southern end of the Potentate. The abandoned people banded together, and eked out a miserable existence.

This all changed when a rich deposit of gemstones and psionic resonating crystals were found in a seam near the crystal lake. When Zynos moved to reclaim the lands, it found the Zynese obedience had been abandoned for mercantile ruthlessness. The Zynese army was opposed by mercenary companies and citizen militia. Rather than risk the news of resistance, the Potentate ceded the lands permanantly, formally creating a new nation. The Potentate began a trading relationship with this new nation, claiming it to be a sister nation, and allowing a trade route to Zynos for the first time.

When the breaking struck, some Zynese refugees flooded into Mynar, which at first struggled to feed and house so many refugees. As the fresh water of the crystal lake became salty from being connected to the seas, water became a precious resource.

Now however, Mynar has stabilised and flourished, thanks to the twin cities of Mynyra and Arynyar, sometimes collectively called Mynyrarynyar by outsiders. These twin cities on opposite sides of the great divide gouged by the gods are famous for their Psychoportation waypoints both within each city and the connecting waypoint between the two cities, allowing goods and travellers to easily transport across within minutes rather than travel the treacherous waters of the Crystal lake or the divide.


Mynar is a nation of mercantilism, obsessed with personal liberty in direct opposition to their Zynese roots. A common question asked sarcastically when someone expresses conformity is "And what is your state name?", used to denote that the subject is a blind follower rather than their own person. though Mynar culture can best be described as Zynese, they have embraced the concept of multiculturalism. The "Mynarese Promise" is a concept that anyone who works hard can rise to the top, though in practise, the merchant council holds as much power as it can, and a new ruling class of wealthy merchant families is becoming established. In Mynar, wealth is power, and power brings you more wealth.

Foreigners in Mynar find that the Mynarese are a friendly people, but soon discover that wealth is the only true way to gain respect. The poorest members of society are assumed to be vagabonds or lazy, whilst the rich are held as paragons of industriosness and virtue. The fact that many merchants live lives of indolent luxury interspersed with periods of negotiations and trade, whilst the poor toil in destitution, seems to be ignored by the large middle class of trade workers, artisans and service specialists.

Language and names:

The official and main language of Mynar is Zynese, but most citizens speak at least one other language to facilitate trade negotiations or to serve foreign visitors. Mynar has a distinct accent compared to Zynese, and the inhalations and exhalations are much more muted, leading to many Mynarese to call Zynese "Wheezers".

Mynarese names follow Zynese custom, but negate the need for an state name. Most Mynarese have 2 names only, to avoid appearing as Zynese. Many Mynarese have begun to adopt foreing names, but with many of the vowels replaced with Y to blend into their own language.

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