Thursday, February 2, 2017

Language List

This is a list of languages, along with common speakers.

Some ancient and dead languages may be added as well.

Imperial: Langage of the Astorina Imperium, Lize, Nove, Dorial, and Broken Horn. Also used in Northire, Hastrix and Bax

Zynese: Used in Zynos and Mynar. Becoming more common due to the trade influences of Mynar.

Arasac: Spoken by the ruling class of Bax.

Sisthassian: The language of the Ophiduans

Quesaran: The language of the elves.

Honichtic: Spoken in the city states of Umbrachtlan.

Meklish: The language of the Goblins.

Haklish: The language of the Hobgoblins of Maryx. The few tribal hobgoblin tribes use an older and less refined version of this language.

Veltash: The Dwarven language.

Northirian: The Language spoken in Northire

Kilickackti: The Dromite language.