Saturday, November 7, 2015

Thoughts on "Post-apocalyptic"

When I originally conceived this setting, my idea was a very different one. I imagined a world that was a shell of its former glory, a world dying and people struggling to live.'

Now however, I have clearly gone in a different direction. The world was broken, millions died, and the aftershocks can still be felt even 2 centuries later. The deserts of the wastes continue to grow. Millions of undead dwarves lurk in their ruined cities, and outbreaks of the rotting continue in the Astorina Imperium. Earthquakes rip through the world, and the great volcano erupts without warning.

However, the lush ash fields near the volcano have begun to be reclaimed by some druidic circles. The elves are flourishing in a world that has never been tested by their strength. New nations have sprung up, new trading routes have opened, and all races are finally beginning to climb in population.

In short, this is a very different form of Post-apocalyptic. Yes, life is difficult for the majority of citizens. Food supply is precarious with the curses of the nature goddesses, and dangerous creatures abound. Political factions and secret societies continue their work to destabilise or to heal. Armies mass on borders, whether it be a threat or merely posturing.

In short, the Breaking changed the world, but it has not yet struck a mortal blow.


  1. It's not really dystopic either. It's more "Changed" than anything else.