Monday, November 23, 2015

Nation Spotlight: Lize


During the War of Faith, The Anchored Duchy of Lize ran blockades of naval ports around the continent, and lent it's land armies to the Duchy of Yole against the coalition led by the Duchess Dorothea of Kile. The Duke of the time, Baritor, exiles the clergy that oppose the free rule of Yole, and begins to hire Ophiduan psions and psychic warriors to train his troops in these esoteric techniques that were so alien to humanity at this time. Though progress is slow, as the war neared its end, many squadrons had a psionically trained individual of some kind.

When the breaking occured, the Dukes armies were massed on the eastern border to oppose the continued aggression of Zynos, and the Navy was far from danger sailing home near the Horns. When the meteor struck Yole, wiping the Duchy from the map, most of the other Duchies had their military might obliterated in one horrific moment. Since Zynos had begun to fall into disarray after the nation was gouged in twain, their armies fell back. Baritor looked to the Duchies of Seme, Bule and Dake. Seme and Dake had lost their rulers in the cataclysm, and Bule was held by a teenage girl. He married the girl, the Duchess Indora, and swept into Seme and Dake with his armies, encountering minimal resistance. As the world fell into chaos, Baritor worked ceaselessly to consolidate his power base, and his new wife assisted, as she was a cunning negotiator who ruled the newly combined court with sharp tongue and shrewd politics.

Now, Lize is no longer a Duchy, but rather "The Free and United Admiralty of Lize, Seme, Bule and Dake". Its rulers long ago shed the title of Duke, and now style themselves in the Naval command structure. However, the Admiralty consists entirely of the Duke's descendants and the most trusted advisors. The current ruler is High Arch-Admiral Gerod, a man in his late 40's who patrolled the seas around the continent, who has commissioned exploreres to search the seas farther afield.


The free people of Aexe were conquered over a millennium ago by the Astori, but Aexen culture survived. Where Imperial Culture focused on the sense of self and the belief in their place in destiny, The Aexe that became part of the Imperium continued with their close ties of family and community. When the Imperium was split and the duchies were formed, Aexen culture came back into resurgence, with traditional fashions and architecture replacing the Imperial.

Lize culture prides itself on its sense of community and family. However, this can also lead to nepotism and insularity in some cases. Joining the military is a prestigious career path, and the Navy especially so. Though there are no longer any "Noble" families with formal titles and lands, most nobility have held their power through military appointments and careful promotion of those that can be of benefit to them.

Clothing styles in Lize follow a combination of old Aexen styles mixed with Imperial fashions prior to the breaking, which have subtly changed to create a new fusion style. Men wear darker colours, and women tend towards pastels, but military uniforms are standardised. One quirk is that both men and women tend to carry decorated or plain canvas parasols to avoid the sun and the rain, as fair skin runs common in Lize, and inclement weather can strike without warning.

Language and Names

Though Aexen Culture has come into resurgence, for the most part the language is only spoken in remote pockets of isolated villages, and even then it is fading from use. Imperial is the official language of Lize, and most names are Imperial, but some Aexen names still survive.

Male names: Corid, Danior, Emberi, Isaari, Liburin, Nostin, Petriop, Quelo, Umbare, Zeemod.

Female names: Aride, Benthian, Ferlarla, Giniarn, Herdione, Jennirafe, Raquine, Xinifare,

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