Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Gods

So, before I go into detail as to the events of the Breaking itself, I thought I would give some context by showing a list of the main deities. Again, this is not a complete list set in stone, but rather a general idea of where my ideas sit.

I will expand on all of the deities later at a separate date.

Vanur, God of the Elements.
Portfolio: The four elements, storms, natural disasters, the weather.
Domains: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Destruction, Weather.

Dharaka, Dark Goddess.
Portfolio: Death, Disease, Decay, Funerals and Insanity.
Domains: Death, Chaos, Madness, Darkness, Repose.

Nishtia, Goddess of the heavens.
Portfolio: The sky, the stars, the inky void, prophecy.
Domains: Darkness, Void, Knowledge, Magic, Prophecy.

Harichtlan, God of the Sun and Moon.
Portfolio: The sun and moon, protection and trickery
Domains: Sun, Moon, Protection, Glory, Trickery.

Tavost, God of justice.
Portfolio: Justice, revenge, the law, community, the passage of time, royalty
Domains: Retribution, community, Time, Royalty.

Garneae, Goddess of the Harvest.
Portfolio: Harvests, community, farm animals, growth, protection and healing
Domains: Plant, Animal, Healing, Protection, Community

Sularin, God of Rivers, lakes and travel.
Portfolio: Rivers, lakes, Travellers
Domains: Travel, Water, Charm, Liberation.

Martov, Goddess of war.
Portfolio: War.
Domains: War, Destruction, Luck, Strength

Reytare, God of craft.
Portfolio: Craft and creation, Cities, Language
Domains: Artifice, Magic, Community, Rune.

Uthiriun, God of Magic.
Portfolio: Magic, knowledge and learning,
Domains: Magic, Knowledge, Destruction, Protection.

Ithiriae, Goddess of the wilds.
Portfolio: Forests, the wilds, wild animals and plants, the seasons, loneliness.
Domains: Plant, Animal, Healing, Time, Renewal.

If you have any suggestions for other deities, or changes to these ones, then please let me know.


  1. I feel like The goddess of the heavens should have a name change to like goddess of the afterlife, or have a god of heaven and a god of hell as the dark goddess seems more like a grim reaper kind of character to me. And what about a god of love, beauty and desire, like a siren or something. Just spit balling here.

    1. Heavens not as in afterlife, but heavens as in the stars and space.