Saturday, April 25, 2015

Human Ethnicities

So, after 2 weeks of no updates, it is time to kick off Races, starting with humans.

Humans are the most populous of all the races on the continent, and are also the most diverse. Even in the lands of the Elves and Ophiduans, Humans are not too uncommon. However, Humans are also the most politically fractious race, seeing themselves separated by national borders and ideologies more than any other race.

Humans fall broadly into 6 different ethnicities. These are described by traditional area and physicality below, as well as stereotypes associated by others.

Deeram: Short, blonde/light hair tones, pale skin tones with blue to green eye colour being common. Traditionally from  central to central-northern areas. Deeram folk are traditionally seen as calm and level headed types.

Shenite: Short, pale skin, curled or wavy dark hair and dark eyes. Traditionally from western and north-western areas. Often perceived as imperious, and many consider themselves the prime human race.

Terichlan: Lean, average height, dusky skin tone, no facial hair with dark hair tones and angular features. geographically separated from most of humanity for so long in Terichticlan. This ethnicity is often the source of many strange rumours.

Erfanic: Powerfully built, varying pale to olive skin tones with reddish brown hair hues. Found mostly in eastern and north-eastern areas. Often considered brutish and blunt.

Wastile: Dark skin tones, straight black hair and medium heights and builds. Wastile have a reputation as liars and shrewd negotiators. usually found in Bax and the fringes of the Wastes.

Northiran: Powerfully built, with varied hair hues and thick hair. Skin tones are usually on the darker end of medium and tan easily. This ethnicity is seen as either docile or imperious depending on social class.

The different ethnicities have no racial modifiers or abilities to differentiate themselves, but will have access to slightly different ancestry traits, and possibly even feats. Human ethnicities are mostly for character development and flavour, as well as showing a diversity in the race with the largest population.

This is a flexible and by no means final list, and I may add some at a later date.

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