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Political landscape 200(ish) years post breaking

So here is the working post apocalypse world.

Isle of dreams: This island off the Western coast was part of the Astorina Imperium until it was swallowed into the raging cyclone. With the cyclone finally beginning to abate and move, the isle was freed again, revealing a hardy people that had survived in the eye.

Hastrix: Hastrix took the opportunity to move against the Astorina Imperium following the Breaking, and now controls the northern edge of the Imperium. (Language: Hastran, Imperial. Culture: Hastran/Imperial. Government: Monarchy)

Broken Horn: Another former holding of Astorina, the 2nd great peninsula is now an island, self governed by a council of those still faithful to the gods. It is isolated both geographically and politically from the rest of the continent now. The council, and the people, are of the belief that turning back to the gods will heal the world.(Language: Imperial. Culture:Eclectic. Government: Theocracy)

The Astorina Imperium: Despite crippling setbacks, the empire still survives, ruled by the Astori. Much of it's former glory and power has faded, and the population still suffers the occasional outbreak of the rotting. Many Noble families have seceded, forcing the Astori to elevate ruthless mercantile families to noble status. There is also now a parliament to advise the Emperor, though both the imperial and parliamentary factions wield equal power in an uneasy alliance. (Language: Imperial. Culture: Imperial. Government: Constitutional Monarchy)

Lize: Once the Anchored Duchy, a former duke proclaimed himself Duke-Admiral after cowing other surviving duchies and absorbing them. Lize still commands the most powerful navy in the world, and tests the water's and borders of its neighbours constantly. (Language: Imperial. Culture: Aexen. Government: Monarchy)

The Kingdom of Zynos: When the nation of Zynos was cleft in twain by the gods, millions died and were misplaced. the survivors and the military forces claimed lands traditionally held by the southern Bule and northern Zene and has survived, although barely. (Language: Zynan Culture: Zynan. Government: Monarchy)

Republic of Mynar: Mynar was also cleft in twain by the gods, but the area that was taken was sparsely populated woodlands. Mynar has continued as a democracy, and has slowly claimed lands abandoned by the abandonment of Zynos.

Caliphate of Bax: When the Breaking was over, Bax was in a strong position. Much of its military remained, and it occupied lands held by Kile and southern Zene. However, within 2 decades of the breaking, the 4 oases that provided the lifeblood in the desert turned salty and poisoned, forcing them to abandon lands as the wastes began to expand. The Caliphate holds none of its former holdings, and the ruling caliphs contend with a disloyal populace. Culture: Baxish/ Aexen. Language: Arasac/Imperial. Government: Allied Monarchies)

Unbroken Duchy of Nove: Nove claims itself the sole remaining "true Duchy", having claimed no extra lands or cowed any other duchy. Many families of dukes deposed or conquered survive here, dreaming of one day reforming the duchies again. But Nove is a dying nation, with the crater to the north, the stronger nations of Astorina to the west and Bax to the east. But worst, the wastes to the south, which every year creep in, taking more lands, threatening to wipe Nove off the map forever.(Language: Imperial. Culture: Aexen. Government: Monarchic Oligarchy)

The Salt Marshes: After the huge Tsunami shattered most of Sytheria to the north-east, the waters receded, leaving salty marshlands now ruled by Lizardfolk; degenerate cousins of the Ophiduans.

Sytheros: The lands of western Sytheria had long held dissenting tribes of Ophiduans of a more aggressive bent. After the Tsunami, Sytheros broke away from Sytheria and formed an independent nation of Ophiduans. These Ophiduans see the breaking as the fault of humanity, and still harbour great anger in regards to it. Sytheros considers itself an ally to Sytheria, but is still fiercely independent. (Language Sisthassian. Culture: Ophiduan. Government: Meritocracy)

Sytheria: Now controlling less than a quarter of the land it used to, the nation of Sytheria consists of the last great jungle that the Ophiduans call home. The ophiduans now research ways to increase their reproduction rates to try to recover before they are outbred by the younger races. (Language Sisthassian. Culture: Ophiduan. Government: Meritocracy)

Quesaras: During the breaking, the Elves suffered the least, and have cautiously expanded their borders to the north and south.

Umbractlan: Having put their priest-kings to death after the Breaking, the survivors of Tecnocticlan fled from the eternal night to the land that still received daylight, as well as the shadowy strip of twilight. IT is now ruled by a psionic council from the walled city of Penumbricht.(Language: Honichtic. Culture: Kerichtic. Government: Psionocracy)

The Hordelands:  this barren and unhospitable wilderness houses tribes of goblinoids and other monsters. No unifying form of government exists in this wild land.
The Hungering Lands: Formerly Thehn, these lands are filled with the remnants of Dwarven culture and glory, as well as the Hungering, zombie-like dwarves that occasionally push into the neighbouring wastes and nations, searching for new flesh to consume and increase their numbers.

True Maryx: The new nation is made up of the free Hobgoblins that remain of Maryx. They viciously oppose Maryx, and defend their borders from incursions from the Hungering. (Language: Goblin. Culture: Hobgoblin. Government: Dictatorship.)

Maryx: To the untrained eye, it would appear that the Maenad are a servitor race to the Hobgoblins in Maryx. However, the Maened are the true power, controlling with subtle psionic manipulation and Thrallherders. (Language: Goblin/Northiran. Culture: Hobgoblin/Northir. Government: Dictatorship/Psionocracy.)

The Reborn Lands: After the raging volcano began to calm, it left behind rich fertile volcanic soil in what was the edge of south-western Northire, as well as new lands risen from the sea floor. The Maened, Humans, Dwarves and Elves of this land work in concert to reseed the lands here with lush forests and farmlands. The ash fields still dominate the centre of their lands, but each year the volcano quiets a little more, ceding new lands to this new nation. (Language: No official. Culture: No official. Government: Council.)

Northire: This western nation is all that remains of old Northire. The arcane has been replaced by the psionic, but in many respects follows the old Northiran concept of the gifted controlling the populace through forced ignorance. (Culture: Northirian. Language: Northir. Government: Psionocracy.)

Dorial: After the Imperial Mesa was broken, the Eastern side seceded from the Astorina Imperium. The nobles secluded themselves from the rest of the empire to prevent the Rotting from touching their estates. Dorial vigorously defends its borders, and has a strict population limit, banishing those it has no use for. (Language: Imperial. Culture: Imperial. Government: Monarchic council.)

The Wastes: After the collapse of the Hive city, the surviving Dromite, now imbued with individuality, founded 5 new hive cities, so that no disaster could wipe them out again. The wastes expands it's border's every year, as more land is consumed by the dunes.

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  1. Thank god the Hive mind survived in some way. They are my favourite.