Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nation Spotlight: The Reborn Lands

Northire was shattered by the breaking in 2 different but equally destructive ways. The death of Uthirian killed many arcane practitioners and mutated the remainder, and Vanur raised a massive and powerful volcano from the depths of the sea on the south-western edge of the continent. This volcano, known as Mount Vanuras, has erupted sporadically over the last 200 years, though a trend has emerged that it is becoming less volatile.

Though large sections of Northire became uninhabitable for over a century, in the last few decades nature has reasserted itself on the nutrient rich volcanic ash, with lush soil starting to form in patches of the continent. Northire remains to the north, and Maryx now controls the old holdings of the east. But the central part of old Northire, the south-western corner of the continent, now belong to those that are willing to make a new life for themselves on the frontiers of the Reborn Lands.

The major powers that are starting to rise in these sparsely populated lands are the druidic circles and ranger orders looking to reclaim the lands as a lush and natural paradise. They vigorously defend their forests, jungles and plains that they have nurtured over the last few decades. These circles and orders vigorously defend their holdings against any that might defile them.

Maenads are flocking to these new lands, as many of their race believe it to be their race's birthplace, and the best chance to establish a homeland for themselves. They have established a small settlement of over ten thousand called "Maenar" and work each day to build upon this settlement and turn it into a thriving community. They have settled near the trade road that runs around the centre of the continent, and recently caravans have begun to stop for shelter and trade. Many slaves that have escaped Maryx settle here for mutual protection.

Several other races have begun to make inroads into these new lands, but as yet, this frontier remains a wild and unsettled place, full of ancient northiran ruins, dangerous beasts and lost treasures.


Their is no unifying culture as yet in the Reborn lands. It is a land of opportunity and of great danger. The Maenad that have begun to settle the area show the inherent politeness and volatility of the Maenad mindset. Maenad have volatile minds and emotions, and work constantly to keep them in check. Maenad will talk out their differences to exhaustion to prevent any chance of offence and emotional turmoil. Even then, Maenad can lose control of their emotions quite easily. Those that visit Maenar speak of an uneasy air of politeness interspersed with violence.

Druidic circles and ranger orders also impress their values on visitors, but these are so varied and enforced sporadically that it could not be called a unifies ethos.

Languages and names

The only unique names to the region are those of the Maenad. The maenad have no language of their own, still speaking the Northirian tongue of their ancestors. However, Maenad have adopted a new naming convention, which has begun to spread amongst all Maenad, even those that are enslaved in Maryx.

Maenad names use northirian conventions, With tri-syllabic names for both first and last names. However, Maenad combine both the first and last names into one unified name. In addition, names are not patrilineal, but matrilineal, as Maenad tend less toward monogamy than humans and have mostly begun to do away with the concept of marriage.

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