Friday, January 27, 2017

Broken world items

This post is a WIP

Weapons and Armour

Goblin tangle-shield: These masterwork shields are covered in metal hooks and leather straps. It affords protection like a standard shield. In addition, if your opponent misses in an attack by the shield bonus and you have improved disarm, you get a free combat maneuver roll to disarm them.
Cost: +50 gp.

Northiran Throwing Dagger: This large throwing knife is unwieldy in melee combat, giving a -1 on attack rolls. However, it is perfectly balanced for throwing, and has a range increment of 20 feet.

Hobgoblin rifle: The hobgoblins have begun to embrace the wonders of blackpowder, and have developed this rifle for use at extreme range. It has given rise to a particular type of marksman, the sniper.

Universal Items

Crushstone: This invention of the Guild of Psionics, it allows certain lower level powers to be accessed by those incapable of manifesting. A thin clay shell is wrapped around a shard of psionic crystal, that when touched manifests the power. The stone is crushed in the hand (a standard action) and the power is manifested on the person that activated it.

Ever-Dorje: Discovered in an ancient vault, this early dorje prototype has been replicated by the guild. The ever-dorje does not have the standard amount of charges, but rather has 2 charges that can be used every day. It costs the same to produce, but allows for longer use at the expense of not being able to use it as often.

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