Sunday, October 18, 2015

Approved classes (Updated as needed)

Here is a list of all approved base classes. This list is a work in progress and will be updated on this post as needed.

Aegis: A psionic warrior that focuses on the power of a suit of ectoplasmic armor, granting various abilities.

Cryptic: A master of seeing patterns, the cryptic is in some ways a psionic rogue. They excel at manipulating patterns to change the world, and get glimpses of prescience.

Dread: A master of fear and intimidation, the dread uses their psionic might to reduce their enemies to snivelling wretches.

Marksman: A master of the ranged weapon, a marksman melds a keen eye with a focused mind to make ranged combat a deadly option.

Psion: The master of the mind, the psion can do feats of power that are truly magnificent and terrible.

Psychic warrior: A warrior of varied paths, one who can meld the mind and the body to make a whole greater than the two halves.

Soulknife: The soulknife is a warrior that forges their very mind into a weapon of force.

Tactician: Joining allies into a single cohesive unit, the tactician uses his psionic power to unlock the potential of others, as well as himself.

Vitalist: A psionic healer, that can place his allies into a collective, bolstering their effectiveness as a unit, and heal from afar.

Wilder: A manifester that fuels their powers with their emotions, gaining great power at a risk to their own psyche.

Barbarian: A warrior that fuels powerful combat abilities with a furious rage.

Cleric: Priests of the echo gods, they seek retribution against the unfaithful, wishing to bring a return to their divine masters.

Druid: Wardens of the Land and Nature, they seek to heal the broken world.

Fighter: A martial fighter of great versatility or focus.

Monk: an ascetic of strange abilities, the monk is a path that is rooted in the mental discipline of psionics, but with strange effects.

Paladin: Warriors of the Echo gods, these armoured Templars mete out the retribution and justice of the divine on a world that has abandoned them.

Ranger: A hunter and tracker, they are the wardens of the druids, protecting them and hunting those that would further damage the world.

Rogue: a master of stealth, traps, and precision combat, capable of mastering a multitude of skills.

Cavalier: A mounted warrior with a bonded mount, capable of challenging foes to battle.

Gunslinger: A master of the black powder gun, this strange specialist can do amazing feats and deadly attacks with these rare weapons.

Inquisitor: The remaining divine followers have the open champions of the Paladin, but also the secret enforcers, the inquisitors.

Oracle: These poor souls have been cursed by the divine, but also receive strange and forbidden powers.

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